Why We’re Proud to Partner with Lumina Hospice in Corvallis

Years ago, my mother and I dealt with an unenviable (yet not uncommon) situation: my father was dying from Alzheimer’s. 

It’s an enormous weight to know that you will lose someone you love – the feelings are indescribable. Including the all-encompassing grief that you can’t understand until you’re in the thick of it. 

There is, however, solace in ensuring your loved one is well-cared for – that they are free of pain. There is also comfort in being surrounded by people who understand how you feel and can support you as you navigate this new situation.

I realized that if I had known about Lumina as my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, it would have been an excellent resource for my Mom and me. I decided to partner with Lumina Hospice and Palliative Care right here in Corvallis – we want people to know that there are people that can help.

Who is Lumina Hospice?

Lumina is a community-grown nonprofit organization that provides end-of-life care for individuals and families. Lumina offers compassionate care for families facing one of the most challenging transitions from hospice care to palliative care, and even offers grief support services. 

Founded in 1980, Lumina serves more than 400 patients and over 1,500 people each year through its extensive programs. They’ve amassed a 60+ person staff and 100+ person volunteer force of community members looking to make a difference.

Why We Partner with Lumina

One of the things that most draws me to Lumina is its genuine care for the community and its inhabitants. Their services revolve around making transitions easier for everyone involved – the sick individual, families, and even caregivers. 

I know from firsthand experience that each person grieves differently. Sometimes people don’t want to turn to close family members for support or even large support groups. Lumina truly has something for everyone. 

When caring for a sick relative in the long term, people need to know that they’re not alone. Lumina reaches out and provides the tools, resources, and support those individuals need. 

Lumina even provides child support groups for younger family members affected by a sick or dying relative. It is an all-in-one resource for the entire Corvallis community – and one that Clarity Wealth is proud to support.

How We Support Lumina Hospice of Corvallis

Want to get in on the Lumina love? There are plenty of ways you can help out this wonderful organization.

Lumina hosts an annual benefit event to raise money for its hospice programs. While the event took place virtually in 2021, there’s no word on whether it will resume in person or online in 2022. We will be there either way to support and sponsor the event.

Because many of our clients experience widowhood or other major life transitions, Lumina is even more personal to Clarity. Beyond our financial support, we’re also moving forward to partner with Lumina to provide educational events. Look for us during their summer “Illuminating Series” seminars.

If you’d like to support Lumina Hospice, you can donate directly to the organization or offer your time through their volunteer program.

Connect with Clarity

When it comes to supporting members of the Corvallis community, Lumina and Clarity’s goals are aligned. Click here to learn more about Clarity Wealth Development and connect with a team member today. 

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