Trivia: How Much Do Americans Spend on Fireworks?

Independence day is right around the corner – a weekend of barbecues, family time, and fireworks shows. But what’s the price tag behind those festivities? Test out your knowledge with this month’s financial trivia question!

How much did Americans spend on fireworks in 2023?

  1. Over $1 billion
  2. Over $2 billion
  3. Over $10 billion
  4. Over $15 billion



Ready for the answer?

In 2023, firework sales in America cleared a whopping $2.3 billion – increasing by over $100 million from the year prior.

According to a recent report, Americans spent three times more on fireworks in 2023 than they did in 2012, likely fueled by post-pandemic demand in private firework sales. Another fun fact: Most of that spending is concentrated in the midwest and southern states.

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