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Bring Your Financial Plans Into Focus

Clear objectives are the key to sound decision making. At Clarity Wealth Development, we listen to you and build financial plans that support your goals and values, helping you move beyond the money so that you can focus on what’s truly important to you.

We are experienced in financial planning and decision science. You can trust that our advice is informed by research, avoids over-complication and is uniquely personalized to fit your life.

As fee-only fiduciaries, we have taken an oath to always give advice that is in the best interest of our clients. You pay a set fee for our service and don’t have to worry about our advice being influenced by commissions or other incentives. We work for you.

Providing Foundation for All Your Financial Decisions

Our clients come to us because they face new directions in life and need guidance for the road ahead. Like them, you might be dreaming of an early retirement after a satisfying career, or perhaps you lost your financial partner and need someone to guide you through.

You might be rebuilding after a divorce, or wondering how to seize the opportunities a sudden windfall has given you. Wherever you are, wherever you want to go, we work with you so you can move forward with confidence.

Our Clients Look a Lot Like You

Life Transitions

Whether anticipated or not, a major life transition can be disruptive. We help you adjust to your new reality by gathering information, determining your needs and talking through the various financial scenarios before implementing any financial planning or investment management strategies.

Sudden Inheritance

Sudden wealth can be a blessing and curse, whether it is from a corporate buyout, inheritance or other windfall. We help you figure out what you need to do and prioritize what’s important to you. This can be an emotional time and we are well equipped to walk you through it.

Pre-Retirement & Retirees

Your Golden Years are hopeful times. Much of the stress of child-rearing and climbing the corporate ladder has subsided in favor of a new routine filled with periodic work, hobbies and visits from grandchildren. Your financial thoughts have shifted, as well — to estate planning, healthcare, and taxes.

Let’s put your money to work

We’re a full-service advisory designed to help you plan for a full-service life. You’ve worked hard to build your assets and our team will work just as hard to help you protect and grow what you’ve saved.

We empower our clients with clarity and financial confidence. Clarity Wealth Development, founded by Certified Financial Planner™ and Corvallis native Kay Dee Cole, focuses on planning that works for you and your family, without the jargon.

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