The Clarity Team

Kay Dee Cole, CFP®, RLP®, CeFT®

CEO and Founder

garrett dresen clarity wealth

Garrett Dresen, CFP®

Associate Advisor

Aumi Hall

Client Services Associate

Dr. Kim Hall, CFP®, RLP®, GFP®

Director of Financial Planning

Ellen Johnson

Associate Advisor

Jennifer Mast

Senior Client Services Associate

Michelle Onaka


Eric Stein, CFA

Investment Strategist Partner, East Bay Investment Solutions

About Clarity Wealth Development


Clarity Wealth Development was founded by Kay Dee Cole, CFP®, in 2010 with the mission of helping people gain financial clarity and confidence. After spending most of her career helping large companies make money, Kay Dee saw a great need for personal financial guidance in her hometown of Corvallis. Since opening their doors, Clarity has grown into a team of experts with mixed backgrounds and training that allows them to serve clients from all walks of life.

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Clarity Gives Back

Clarity is proud to serve and partner with the Corvallis community as well as regional and national organizations, such as: