The Meaning Behind Our Name: Clarity Wealth Development

One of the most difficult aspects of owning your business? Settling on the perfect name.

With so many financial advisors naming themselves as either a financial group or a wealth management something, I wanted a different name. All advisors manage money in one way or another, but the word “development” really encapsulates how financial planning is an ongoing journey that we take together. But what about the rest of our firm’s name? Here’s the story.

How Clarity Wealth Development Got Its Name

People are often intimidated by advisors – they worry about not having enough money or feeling pressured to make certain financial decisions. I thought this over as I contemplated what to name my new firm.

My financial philosophy has always been to educate first, which allows my clients to have ownership over their decisions. When clients are more involved, they have clarity about their personal goals. That thought process planted the seed of our name in my head.

My Dad was also a part of this decision. He was a large influence in my desire to own a business, having built a successful farming operation from modest beginnings. His mother (my grandmother) operated a small farm in Coburg, but Dad started with his own 10 acres and built it into a 1500 acre farm here in Corvallis.

In 2003, he sold the farm and did well enough to retire. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s disease had taken his memory from him and was shutting down his body also. He had trouble communicating and there was occasionally a clear sentence that he could say, although the thought was gone as soon as it was spoken. I’m reminded that he always had a goal and clear-headed thinking that made him successful and that’s what I want clients to understand. I want you to feel like you have clarity so you can make the right decision.

That’s how Clarity Wealth Development came to be.

Dad passed away December 16, 2010. I will forever be grateful for his support and guidance. Thanks, Dad.

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