A Typical Day in the Life of an Advisor at Clarity

Ever wonder what a typical day for an advisor entails? Although each advisor has a different approach to financial planning (and life in general), we’d love to give you an idea of what a regular day at Clarity looks like.

Here’s an inside look at Kay Dee Cole‘s – Founder and CEO of Clarity – daily routine. Take a deep breath and read on!

The Early Start: Morning Tasks

4:30pm (Previous Day): Did we say morning? We meant morning-ish! Kay Dee’s day always starts at the end of the previous day. Reviewing tasks and appointments scheduled for the next day keeps her organized and ready to hit the ground running in the morning.

8:00am: Check email for urgent or time-sensitive communications and requests from clients or news outlets.

8:30am: Read articles and review market alerts, news and major stock indices like Seeking Alpha. Review NAPFA and professional sites to see what is currently happening in the industry and with other advisors. If appropriate, share intriguing articles and information with professional network, social media and email.

9:00am (and when time allows): Administrative chores and preparing for client appointments, reviewing portfolios, designing financial plans for existing or new clients, tracking client progress based on their goals, making trades, processing transactions, doing market research, entering data into financial planning or tax programs.

Whew, that’s a lot. Overall, this time is spent working on improving business processes, efficiencies and marketing for growth.

The Lunch Hour(s)

10:00am – 12:00pm: Client meetings begin with reviewing portfolios, presenting financial plans to new clients, answering inquiries and addressing concerns or outstanding issues they may have.

12:00pm: Usually, when not in a lunch meeting, this is a time to step away for a bite to eat and to take Bella (Kay Dee’s adorable dog) for a walk and get some fresh air.

The Afternoon Wrap-Up

1:00 – 4:30(ish)pm: Client meetings continue and if there are no after-work meetings, Kay Dee will continue to work on administrative tasks, answer new emails, review the next day’s schedule and prepare her priorities for the next day. Since the most important element of her job is her clients, Kay Dee continuously works to build client relationships by keeping in touch on an ongoing basis.

Ongoing Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Training, Networking and Giving Back

Like most professionals that love what they do, Kay Dee relishes keeping current with what’s happening in the frequently changing financial industry. She is continuously learning through attending professional conferences and seminars, participating in study and interest groups and preparing for and sharing her expertise through client workshops.

Attending professional networking events adds value on so many levels. It’s a great way to meet people and start building professional relationships through helping and working with each other on projects or just having a useful sounding board. And memberships in professional organizations such as the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the XY Planning Network, and The American Institute of CPAs are crucial for tracking trends and industry changes that may impact her business and clients.

Kay Dee’s clients appreciate that Clarity Wealth Development engages in and supports local organizations that they are passionate about. She tirelessly volunteers with local service organizations and sits on the boards of local non-profits like Girls on the Run, Grace Center, Corvallis Chamber and Rotary. Participation in these activities includes attending weekly meetings, community events and fundraising.

Kay Dee Cole is a fee-only Certified Financial Planner. She is a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the leading professional association for fee-only advisors and XY Planning Network, a premier group of young advisors serving Gen X and Gen Y.

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