Which States Rank the Highest for Christmas Tree Production?

It may not surprise you that our home state of Oregon is number one in the country for Christmas tree farms – after all, the fir tree is even represented on our state flag, and we grow nearly 4 million Christmas trees each year (that’s 30% of all Christmas trees in the U.S.).

But do you know which other states rank highest for Christmas tree production? Let’s find out!

Which of the state ranks 2nd highest in the nation for fir tree production?




Ready for the answer?

According to a 2017 ApartmentGuide report, North Carolina follows Oregon for most Christmas tree production at about 3.7 million trees harvested annually. That accounts for about 28% of all Christmas trees in the U.S. each year!

Wherever your Christmas tree comes from, we hope it brings a little holiday cheer into your home this year.

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