Meet the Team: Jennifer Mast, Senior Client Services Associate

Welcome to our latest “Meet the Team!” This week, we’re getting to know our Senior Client Services Associate, Jennifer Mast. 

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer grew up and attended college in Northern Indiana. After high school and during part of college, she lived in Germany. She graduated with BAs in English & German. After college, she moved to Seattle for 12 years where she held a variety of positions at a large downtown hotel and worked as an Executive Assistant at a global consulting firm.

The call of nature and the need for a change pulled her out to Yellowstone National Park. What she thought would be a six-month summer job stint, ended up lasting nearly 15 years. It was a special place to live. She does miss the large fauna and open spaces in Montana & Wyoming.

Due to family, she moved to Corvallis and is very happy to be back in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Such close access to the ocean and mountains is a huge plus. She’s also glad to be living so close to family members.

In her free time, Jennifer enjoys being outside, hiking/camping, traveling, spending time with family, baking and practicing German. She is very excited to join the Clarity team and looks forward to getting to know our clients and working with them.

Hi Jennifer! Tell us a little bit about what you do here at Clarity Wealth Development.

I work in Client Services here at Clarity. You’ll often see me when you come in the front door. I answer phones, and I also do a lot of the client paperwork like opening accounts and doing transfers for people.

And what drew you to this career and job?

I actually just got this job by chance! 

I wasn’t necessarily looking for a job, but I heard that Clarity was hiring and I have experience working in support. It sounded like a good fit!

What I’m enjoying about it so far is definitely working with the different clients and also the team here in the office. They’re a great group of individuals, so that’s been really fun for me to get to know people and stretch my knowledge and learn some new things as well. 

We’re lucky you’re here! What’s your secret talent?

Well, I like dancing, but I make a really mean apple cream pie, which is a family recipe!

What else do you like to do in your free time?

This time of year, I’m spending a lot of time out in the yard with yard work – but I also really enjoy being outside. I used to live out at Yellowstone National Park. I don’t have all the large animals here that we used to have at the Park, so I’ve gotten really into birdwatching, especially in my yard where we have birdhouses up. 

I also like to do some hiking and go out to the coast when I can. 

What is your favorite season?

Definitely the fall! That’s my favorite – where I can put on a sweater and jeans and see the changing leaf colors. I love pumpkins and all that comes with harvest time!

Mountain, ocean or lake?

I actually like all three, but my first two choices would be the ocean or mountains. Being back here in Corvallis and only an hour from the ocean has been wonderful. I’ve been spending a lot of time out at the ocean lately. 

What do you hope to accomplish in 2023, both professionally and personally?

Professionally, I’m looking forward to getting comfortable with and learning the ins and outs of all the different computer programs we use here at Clarity. That’s been a big learning curve, but I’d like to get where I’m really comfortable with all of that. 

Personally, I’d like to get another trip set up. I’m definitely going out to Mount Rainier later this summer to do a little camping and hike through the wildflowers. I’d like to spend some more time out in the mountains hiking. Hopefully I get some of that done this summer!


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