How Much Will Your Thanksgiving Turkey Cost in 2022?

Turkey prices are on the rise – much like everything else these days. But can you guess exactly how much your Thanksgiving entree will cost? Let’s find out!

How much, per pound, does retail-priced boneless, skinless turkey breast cost as of October 2022?



Ready for the answer?

According to a recent Nexstar report, boneless, skinless turkey breast is a whopping $6.70 per pound as of October 2022. That’s 112% higher than this time last year! Although the price is steep compared to 2021, high turkey costs isn’t new – price tags also skyrocketed in 2015 when there was a large-scale outbreak of avian influenza.

So what do you think? Will you pay the cost for a handsome turkey meal, or switch to a more affordable option?

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