Ellen Johnson

Associate Advisor
Personally, my life is enriched by my family including two young daughters and our dog Moose. We are constantly on the go enjoying family hikes through MacDonald Forest, Saturday AYSO soccer games, or testing out all the amazing parks in Corvallis. On my own, you can find me enjoying a solitary cup of coffee while reading a new novel or attending Barre class at a local studio.

We all have our own interests and different life journeys. Mine started as a farm girl just south of Corvallis. We learned the value of self-reliance and grit. Either we figured out the various challenges presented with life on a farm, or walked quite a long way from the field seeking help. Being raised amongst several generations of entrepreneurs of both genders instilled the confidence to start my own engineering design firm. The experience of operating a small business paired with countless hours of farmwork from my childhood instilled a deep appreciation for the value of a dollar, and the work necessary to build lasting wealth.

Engineering was a wonderful career, but there was always a missing element. My love for working directly with clients to help them live more meaningful lives. This became obvious after helping several friends develop basic budgets and gain the confidence to start investing. My passion for personal finance shared with family and friends produced a sense of fulfillment I wanted to further pursue. This led to the extremely difficult decision to sell my company. If you own a business or are looking to transition out of any type of ownership, we can commiserate and swap stories on all the craziness involved with this process. Luckily what followed was the wonderful opportunity to join the Clarity team.

Feeling uncertain about any aspect of personal finances can be incredibly stressful. Especially if you don’t have the answers to the big monetary questions in life or feel at peace with your finances. I would love to work with you on illuminating the steps towards removing this stress from your life. My goal is to help you spend more precious time on what makes life meaningful to you. Whether that be writing poetry, hiking in nature, or racing down a mountain biking trail.

We want to work with you to figure out what the right steps are for your unique journey. Everyone’s road is different, and we want to help construct the steps on your path towards financial peace. Whether you want to dive right in or prefer a slower pace we have the knowledge and resources to develop a financial plan which puts you first. If you are interested, please let me know and I would love to take the first step by scheduling a conversation.


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